Thursday, June 1, 2017

Feeling Brown
Virgil J. Brooks

I'm feeling brown. 
Brown is the color of earth; 
It is a color that makes me feel like I belong. 
The sky and the grass and the trees appeal to my senses when I feel the color brown.
My heart belongs away from the city when I feel this way. 
Mother nature seems that she has so much to say to me on a brown day. 

For some reason, the color brown is a color that I feel belongs to me––in my soul––and the color brown, seems different almost like a special kindness that is spread around it. 
It is the abundance of the color brown that is spirit around me. 

It is a brown path that I follow. This means something good to me: life without difficulties. 
So the color brown is herein. 
The color brown is my friend and I make a wish now and hereafter 
that it is brown––indeed.