Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I'm not a Bible-thumper. In other words, I don't memorize chapter and verse, and I don't claim to know what is best for other seekers, but I do find comfort in the words that I read there; and I get answers usually with one turn of the page.

The law of Tithing declares that a Tithe be given to that which feeds one's spirit. But I don't attend church in the traditional sense (haven't found too many institutions that feed my spirit), so sometimes I have to contemplate (with prayer) as to whom has fed my spirit, and thus where I should tithe. Today I thought of my brother. He use to feed my spirit, and still, almost two years since his passing, still does in a manner of speaking.

My home is full of trinkets he made for me, all of which reflected his spirit of love for his savior, Jesus Christ, in combination with his philosophy of honoring our gift, Mother Earth. I have much of his poetry in my possession: his main genre gives thanks to God. So I decided sometime ago to Tithe in his honor when the opportunity presented itself, because his memory continues to feed my spirit. But I wasn't sure. After all, is giving a donation to the Humane Society a place where my spirit is fed? Or is it just a donation? I prayed and decided that it was, but still, doubt swirled around me... until I journeyed to purchase dog and cat food to donate as a Tithe.

The first sign given me that I was headed in the right direction was simply a strong feeling of love. Simple. The next sign was when a man who crossed in front of me, and who resembled my brother, flashed a thank you smile, also similar to that of my brother's. Now you might say, oh well some people look alike, but my brother trimmed trees (many times in 100 degrees plus) for a living, and collected individuals ready to attend AA, and or NA, so he wasn't in the running for The Best Dressed and Just Showered award if you know what I mean... The next sign was yet another similar looking dude who needed to jaywalk in front of me. (Two tree-looking guys in a row...) The final straw was when a truck loaded to the gills with palm fronds pulled out in front of me. I knew then that God approved of my Tithe, but to further soothe my soul, He sent yet another truck of similar circumstance to slow my travels.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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